Notice to Applicant:

Pets require a separate application, approval, and additional fees apply.


Applicant represents that the information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge. By checking the "I Agree" checkbox you agree to all of our Terms and Conditions below. Applicant understands and grants his/her unconditional approval for Landlord to complete background check, including but not limited to credit history, criminal history, employment, landlord references,...etc. Applicant shall hold Landlord harmless regarding any claim or liability for obtaining such background history and any decision Landlord may, at its sole discretion, make regarding granting of residency based on said investigation. Applicant further attests by checking the "I Agree" checkbox, that as of this date he/ she has not committed a criminal act, whether convicted or not, in regards to, but not limited to, illegal substances, violence, property damage,... etc. Further, if landlord discover during its investigation or after granting residency that applicant is or has been involved in a criminal act whether convicted or not, it shall be just cause for immediate termination of tenancy and eviction from the premises.


Resident Statement:

The information on in this application is used to determine anticipated income for approved occupancy. Applicant has provided either an actual pay stubs from the most recent two pay periods or the most recent completed and filed federal income tax return. Applicant certifies that the statements made herein are true and complete to the best of his/her knowledge. Failure to provide factual representation is unlawful.

All persons, firms, or organizations named with this application may freely give any requested information concerning the applicant. Applicant hereby waives all right of action for any consequences resulting from providing such information. Applicant has read and agrees with all entries made within this application and agrees to all provisions printed on this application. A copy of this application was given to the applicant as receipt for all monies deposited with Landlord at the time of application.

Apartment Deposit Agreement:

Applicant hereby deposits money as indicated on this application with Landlord as a good faith deposit in connection with the application for residency. Upon approval of this application the Applicant hereby acknowledges that the deposit becomes non refundable and shall be applied towards the payment of all monies due at move-in. If for any reason Landlord declines this application, management will refund the deposit minus any fees for actual costs to process this application, including credit and criminal history background checks, which shall not be less than $25.00 for the first two applicants and $15.00 for each additional applicant for the same apartment. If this application is approved and applicant fails to occupy the premises on the agreed date the Landlord shall be entitled to keep the entire deposit and applicant shall be liable for one months rent as a non-occupancy fee. If Landlord shall be unable to provide the premises to applicant by reason beyond its control such as holding over by an existing tenant or construction delays of a new apartment Landlord shall have no obligation to refund the deposit. Applicant shall have its sole remedy the ability to accept any other like-kind apartment as provided by Landlord.

This application and the money herewith are submitted upon the following additional terms and conditions:

  1. Landlord shall approve or reject this application within a reasonable time. No application is accepted until approved in writing, signed by Landlord's duty authorized representative.
  2. If this application is approved, the money deposited herewith shall be applied by Landlord in the manner indicated above or applied towards Landlord's damages should the applicant fail to execute a lease agreement and occupy the premises. Landlord shall be entitled to one months rent as a non-occupancy fee should Applicant fail to occupy the premises as indicated by this application.
  3. If this application is rejected, the money deposited shall be returned within 2 weeks by regular US Postal Delivery less Landlord's actual cost of processing application which shall not be less than $25.00 for the first two applicants and $15.00 for each additional applicant.
  4. Applicant shall not be entitled to possession of the premises described in this application, nor have any other rights in the premises until this application is approved, the lease agreement is executed and all advance payments have been made to Landlord.
  5. Applicant represents and warrants that he is not a representative or agent for any party other than as set forth in this application, and that there are no false or misleading statements set forth on the application. In case of breach of any representation of warrant set forth by this paragraph Landlord shall have the right to rescind approval of this application and terminate it before or after occupancy has occurred.
  6. Applicant acknowledges that he/she is aware that NO PETS are permitted at any time on the premises unless approved in writing, in advance, by Landlord of the terms and conditions of a separate Pet Agreement.
  7. In making this application, Applicant agrees that Landlord and Applicant will complete two copies of any inventory check list furnished by Landlord which lists the condition of the premises and all items contained therein. Applicant/Resident shall complete said check list and return to Landlord within seven (7) days of occupancy. Failure to do so will cause Applicant/Resident to be fully responsible for all damage and other conditions of the premises.
  8. If any provision of its application shall be or become invalid, such invalidity shall not in any way affect any other provision hereof which shall continue to remain if full force and effect.

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